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School Sport Day

On 19th June, another edition of the sports event took place in our school, i.e.: School Sports Day organized by physical education teachers: Ms. Monika Borowczyk-Jóźwik, Ms. Aldona Kapruziak, Mr. Krzysztof Włosek and Mr. Marek Grabolus. As the daily sports promoters, we started with a warm-up prepared by girls from Classes Ib and IIc. The agenda of the event included various forms of recreation and sport competitions, such as: obstacle course, saying proverbs, shot on goal, class puns, slalom running, dribbling the ball, team slalom race, big ball shuttle and tug of war.

The participants were from Classes I and II, and their competitions included:
- making a poster promoting an active lifestyle,
- sport and recreation competitions,
- cheers and cheering for classes,
- class costumes.

The main goal of the event was to promote physical activity among students, to integrate the school community through playing together, to shape the principles of fair rivalry, and in particular the fair-play rules and spending leisure time in an active and healthy way. The winning team was Class 1e, who, in addition to the exemplary performance of all exercises, had great fun during this sports meeting.


On 18th June, High School No. 1 was a host of the National Scientific Conference – “100th Anniversary of Regaining Independence by Poland”.  It consisted of a series of 8 lectures given by professors from all over Poland. The main organizer of the meeting was the Institute of National Remembrance in Łódź in cooperation with the District Office of Tomaszów Mazowiecki. Our guests were welcomed at the entrance of High School No. 1 by Mrs. Ewa Męcina - Principal and Mrs. Beata Stańczyk - Head of the Department of Education of the District Office. The main theme of the Conference was the value of freedom and independence. The lectures were given by: Prof. Janusz Odziemkowski from the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University, Dr. Przemysław Waingertner from the University of Lodz, Prof. Tadeusz Wolsza from the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw, Dr.  Marek Dutkiewicz from the Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce, branch in Piotrków Trybunalski, Dr. Sebastian Pilarski from the Institute of National Remembrance in Łódź, Dr. Marek Sioma from the Maria Skłodowska University - Curie in Lublin, Dr. Dariusz Rogut from the Institute of National Remembrance in Łódź. For all those invited to participate in the conference, the students of Tomaszów high schools, teachers and directors of educational institutions, among others, it was an extraordinary opportunity to deepen their knowledge of the interwar period and to learn about the activities of our national heroes, who unquestionably contributed to making OUR HOMELAND IDEPENDENT”.

LIBRARY NIGHT, i.e.: „Shame not to read”

On 15 June, the Library Night was held in High School No. 1 in Tomaszów Mazowiecki,the motto of which for this year’s edition was “Shame Not To Read”.

At 5:00 p.m. the students started competing, having fun and cooperating in class teams while solving a crimeriddle. Their task was to search through various places in the schoolbuilding looking for envelopes, leading to the sought after “murderer”. At the same time, a board games tournament, such as chess or scrabble, was organized.

After the “detectives”solved the crime riddle, the School Principal welcomed all students and introduced Mrs. Joanna Kozanecka, a graduate of our school, a lover of sport and alpine climbing, who told us about combining professional and private life, made us aware what things are needed to reach the peaks, how overcoming physical limitationsaffects the human mind. The students took the opportunity to ask our guest a few questions about her sports interests, i.e.: running, triathlon and mountain climbing. Mrs. Kozanecka also told us about the preparations for the expedition to Mount Manaslu, which is over 8,000 meters high.

Then, the competition entitled “Horror Story” was settled and Zuzanna Dziubek Class 2c took 1stplace. The work of Anna Borysławska from the Class 1e was honored and read. The next part of the event consisted of listening to fragments of the book read out loud, as well as watching the book adaptation and discussing dilemmas.

The students had activities adequate to the language dominating in a given literary and film panel. The humanist classes watched the crime story, “The Grain of Truth”. For the lovers of English, we showed “Green Mile", and the German language group watched “Run Lola, run”.

Thanks to events, such as this one, young people are encouraged to read the school listed books, which will be beneficial in the future, many of them will find their motivation and solace in books.


On the 227th anniversary of the adoption of the 3rd May Constitution, Class 1a students with their Form Teacher Mr. Marek Ziółkowski, and the representatives of the Students Council along with the emblem bearers, took part in the city celebrations of this day. The ceremony began with singing the Dąbrowski's Mazurka and the speech given by the City President, Mr. Marcin Witko. Then, the city choir sang a few songs related to the theme of the 3rd of May. After putting wreaths at the monument of Tadeusz Kościuszko and the final parade, everyone went home. It is worth celebrating the 3rd Day of May, because the Basic Law adopted on that day in the year 1791, the first such a law in the history of Europe and the second in the history of the world, defined the general system of the rule of law.


The Flag Day of the Republic of Poland was introduced under the Act of 20th February 2004. High School No. 1 represented by the students of Class 1b together with the School Principal Mrs. Ewa Męcina and the Form Teacher Mrs. Małgorzata Darczyńska participated in this patriotic celebration.


Farewell to High School Graduates, or THE LAST BELL

On 27th April, we said goodbye to the Year 3 students of our School. All students and teachers gathered in a beautifully decorated gym.
The ceremony began with the introduction of the Emblem by the bearers, singing the national anthem and passing the School Emblem to the younger classes. Next, the Principal Mrs. Ewa Męcina took the floor and made us aware of the importance of this event. She also welcomed the invited guests: school community, parents, and the Head of the Education Department - Mrs. Beata Stańczyk.
In her speech, she also praised the good results of the graduates, their talents, not only those concerning education, but also sport, music, art, IT and entrepreneurial skills. She addressed them with wonderful words: “Your successes are our successes”. She also thanked the teachers who helped the young people in their pursuit of such great achievements. The following part of this solemn event was the reading of the lists of this year graduates by Vice-Principal Mrs. Anna Dudek. Special praise should be given to the students of Class IIIe for the best school average grade of all Year 3 Classes, i.e.: 4.3. By a decision of the Teaching Staff Meeting, 2 students received the titles of the Best Graduates of High School No. 1 and were given statuettes, flowers, and their parents congratulatory letters. Also, Mrs. Beata Stańczyk thanked the third classes and addressed them with beautiful wishes. The members of the School Students Council handed out prizes to our talented high school graduates, and also awarded the title of the Personality of the Year of High School No. 1. Then , the representatives of the Parents Council gave their speeches as did Mr. Antoni Smolarek who conducted blood donation campaigns in our school and handed out prizes.
The artistic part was held in the form of a prize giving gala, during which the high school graduates were nominated for many categories, e.g. “the best school couple”, “the best-dressed girl at the prom”, “the best party-goer”, “the best-washed car”, “the most noticeable person in school”, “the hardest working student”. The “Gold Ones” were distributed by the teachers who posed for photos with the students. During breaks we had the opportunity to admire wonderful dance routines. At the end there were singing performances, such as: Zbigniew Wodecki’s song “I like to go back where I belonged to” and shanties.
The graduates prepared a surprise by singing and dancing together.
We wish all the high school graduates the greatest successes and traditionally “BREAK A LEG”!

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